Residential Wireless Broadband Internet Access

Internet without Compromise

Our wireless broadband offering is rock solid and reliable.  We place a small antenna on or near your roof to connect to our nearest antenna site.  Our wireless network connects through multiple fiber enabled data centers to the internet through multiple redundant gigabit providers.  Average latency through our network is 10-20ms - that's 80 times faster than satellite; better than many other providers, and definitely good for gamers!  What's more, we provide a guaranteed service level and throughput.  And on top of that, we let our customers get an additional boost during off-peak hours when we have extra capacity.


Unlimited Means Unlimited

Cellular broadband companies offer unlimited broadband data plans.  Interestingly, they don't really mean unlimited!  If you read the fine print you will find unlimited means no more than 5GB total transfer per month.  That's straight up false advertising.  When San Diego Broadband says unlimted, we mean unlimited.  There will be absolutely no overage fees or surprise charges based on your usage.  Use as much as you need!


Currently we are offering a $100 installation with a one year commitment.  Call us today for a quick computerized wireless link feasability test.  We use proprietary software to evaluate the feasability of your exact connection to determine quickly if we can reach you.  Call us at 760-621-3801 to get started now!